Yoga & Blood donation camp in Hyderabad 15th April

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15th April: Energised young team with Yoga practice and discourses. 

A new perspective, inspiration, a new promise for young particiants of the camp

Yoga Healthy Living Workshop by Sri Srinivasa Alluri, Sri Sitaramaraju, Sri Rajkumar and other emenent speakers held this Saturday 15th Apr 2017 from 5am. Along with this blood donation camp also went on well with involvement of volunteers.  Human rights commissioner Mr. Syed and ex. servicemen Malhotra, Yogacharyas also attended this. 

Hyderabad volunteers Sunil, Sridhar, Tulasi, Ravi, Prakash, Mahadev, Munna, Annapurna, Lalitha, Lakhsmi, Prasad, Surendra, Gouse, SAAC Bapatla members and members have worked together to make this event successful.

Gouse & team from SAAC, Teachers and students from different schools Panchalshila, Gitanjali etc have participated. 

14th April Invitation

All are welcome to join this practice camp to recharge yourself and connect with wonderful people.. which helps to gain great inspiration and right knowledge!  

Towards building Healthy society, Manavata has been organizing Yoga camps as a total personality development. Yoga, healthy living and personality development workshops across the globe by Manavata volunteers who are successful and inspirational personalities are helping thousands of professionals and students.

This Yoga camp is one of the key events, which helps all age groups to inspire themselves and experience synergy within the event. This event also inspires everyone to increase their confidence, fitness and inspire them towards health and self-lessness, most importantly to keep up regular practice.


  • 5 am Registration
  • 5.30 am Prayer & Surya Namaskaras
  • 6.00am Yogasanas
  • 7.00am Pranayama & Meditation.
  • 8.00 am Healthy Living Session & Breakfast.
  • 8.30 am Personality Development & Guest Speaker Speech.
  • 7am to 10am: Blood donation camp

Date & Time: 5am to 9am 15th Apr 2017

​Venue: Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Temeple Hall,  3rd Phase, KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Register: 9966673111 or online or email:

Current generation is becoming weak and unhealthy day by day due to ignorance, wrong practices and laziness. It is our responsibility to spread right practices time to time to make everyone Healthy, Happy andHarmonious! 

This event helps and inspires both adults and children get holistic health.
Instructions for Participants:

·       Bring your Yoga mat or blanket and water bottle

·       Come with empty stomach

·       Start practice atleast 12 suryanamaskaras everyday before the event, so that you can do well.

For more details and registration pls visit or contact on 9966673111

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