Yoga for differently abled children on 01.03.2016

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Yoga training at Blind school:

It is tough challenge to teach yoga for  visually challenged in greenfield blind school which Manavata has been supporting since last year. After few rounds of training for them on this evening, they got motivation and got ready for yogathon participation. They all could recognize me with previous PDP sessions, health camp, computer trainings in last summer.

​After 2 hours of yoga session, I have reviewed their food menu and eating habits. There are some corrections suggested.. especially they are making lot of noise during eating. I have introduced a prayer before eating and Gayatri matra chat during serving food.. they have engaged in very good chant and everyone enjoyed. Hope they will continue the same.

Eating disorders: many children are eating without chewing properly, many of them are drinking lot of water during eating. (no one tells them good things with love and care here, that might be reason). Lot of junk foods, sweets are used here. nutrition in prepared food is not good enough. But during their dinner, I have given some good tips, which many children have taken very positively.. hopefully this helps to adopt healthy habits.

I have also spent some time with them on their progress about their ability to operate computer. Some children are able to operate my laptop very easily with the help of voice commands. They are also remembering Leena’s online English class. We had a story time with morel stories particularly on personality development, self-confidence and time management with Hanuman story. They initially asked me to tell some detective story when say, I am going to cover  inspirational Ramayana story.. they thought it was boring.. I told them the holiness and inspiration of those epics and how modern stories are becoming more confusing rather inspiration.

It was already 11pm, I realized that I have to wash my clothes before I sleep.. as last night also I was in travel, I couldn’t get much time to sleep as I had to work for yogathon co-ordination. Slept at 11:45pm in this school and got up at 3pm.. finished all cleaning works and meditation by 4:30am.. all children started getting up to get ready for yogathon. It is unusual for them, early time.. but some inspiration made them to wake up.

​I am sure if we can encourage them to learn and practice regular yoga, they can improve their studies and academics also. Many children are uncontrollable some times here. it needs commitment from school management to make necessary changes with right practices. Hopefully we can make arrangements for weekly yoga class for them with our local Manavata volunteers soon

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