Healthy Living & Yoga in Bahrain

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15th March 2015:

Healthy Living & Yoga in Bahrain filled high inspiration among young professionals and families on this evening. Boby, Ahmed and other volunteers who made this success with a warm welcome to Srinivasa Alluri. OICC youth team made arrangements. around 100 people participated in this workshop. Boby said that, for many of them it is a first time eye opener towards Manavata, health, yoga and purposeful way of living. He said and promised that they all take Srini’s inspiration to make positive changes and adopt healthy life style practices which Srini has suggested. Particularly, regular practice of yoga & meditation, drinking more water, regular cleaning of nostrils & digestive system, having light dinners before 7pm, helping others every day, etc. They are so happy after practice of meditation, certain yoga postures and breathing techniques. Srini also given tips to build self-confidence, work, life and service balance, to be happy all the time, to reduce stress and to get self-control etc.

Session went on 1 hour practice and  1 hour presentation / talk by Srini.. after the session, Q&A session tool another 1 hour which includes addressing specific issues of attendees. ex. back pain, over weight, migraine, asthma, allergies, sinusitis etc. 

Later everyone wished Manavata 3H mission to be successful and extended their support. Srini has appreciated team for taking this initiative and making it useful for many people.  

As a followup, Boby and team will be in touch with Srini and arrange a follow up discussion with Srini online. but team will make sure to follow up and help people to make their positive changes. 

Next Manavata event: 19th to 22nd March, Srini will be taking some of the healthy sessions in different parts of UAE.  


14th March 2015: 

Event details and Invitation:

Theme: Astanga Yoga (postures, Breathing, Meditation, cleansing techniques), Stress Management, health best practices & tips to achieve lead complete healthy, happy & echo-friendly life.

Also sharing Sriniā€™s experiences of his London to Delhi cycling for Humanity!

Date:   15/03/2015

Time:   7.30pm to 9.30pm

Location: kalavara Restaurant Salmaniya Bahrain

Contact: Mr. Boby on 0093 39991038

Speaker: Srinivasa Alluri (Srini)


Utilize this opportunity to inspire your life

For registration and more details visit this link

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