Manavata China Events

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It is much appreciated work which Wei Jing, Dr. Engangan Fu, Phebe Fu and team has taken initiatives in Beijing to start Manavata China for upliftment of Poor and to inspire people towards Humanity!

Founder Srinivasa Alluri will be visiting China from 7th June to 21st June 2015 with following schedule:

volunteers are organizing number of local events, sessions to motivate youth, students and all age groups towards humanity, holistic health and environment. And also to help poor and needy.

Healthy Living, Yoga, Personality Development and Cycling for Humanity workshops are planned as per below schedule. 

7th to 21st June in China: Some of the events already scheduled are:

  • 8th June: Volunteers meeting
  • 9th June: Tsinghua University (Personality Developement and Leadership talk by Srini)
  • 12th June: Peking University (Personality Developement and Leadership talk by Srini)
  • 14th to 17th June: Cycling for Humanity (Beijing / Great wall of China)
  • 21st June: International Yoga day Celebration
  • 22nd June: Srini’s visit to Japan (Hiroshima to Nagasaki Cycling for Humanity)

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