Online PDP session for Kakinada Visually challenged children

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​Today’s response and involvement from students is better in my PDP session.

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In today’s session, children have interacted well. However, overall learning for past 20 days, is still poor. It is because of their motivation levels.

Today I have specifically asked them to wake-up and live with inspiration every day. They are wasting lot of time un-necessary it looks like. So the  goal of this summer course for them has been clarified for them now.. so hopefully they can work on that goal to shape up their future. Learning computer operation, windows & MS office.. they should be able to operate and find necessary books and information in audio format.

5-S program I have explained them should be verified in their notes and make sure they understood and following 5 S every day. Tomorrow they need be clear on goals and time table.

Every student must drive themselves towards their goals without any push from teachers. So I emphasized this is key task for their self-development. Pls make sure that you follow up to continue motivation.

Continue daily online classes from Leena for English.. I will continue Personality development sessions until my China travel next week. Thanks all for working together for helping all these visually challenged children.

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