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Our Mission is to Create a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) World

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As we step into the month of October, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to the noble causes of Manavata in the past month of September. It is with your unwavering support and steadfast teamwork that we achieved remarkable success and made a positive impact in the lives of many.

Let us always bear in mind that the essence of Seva, selfless service, remains the driving force that gives profound meaning to our lives. This principle echoes the timeless wisdom of Swami Vivekananda, who aptly stated, “They alone live who live for others.”

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to making the world a better place through Manavata’s noble endeavors.

October’s Impactful Initiatives:

Manavata 32nd Annual Day: In October, we celebrated the 32nd Annual Day of Manavata, reflecting on our journey and renewing our commitment to service and compassion.

Manavata’s Transformative Camps: Our transformative camps continued to inspire personal growth and character development among participants, fostering a sense of purpose and community.

PDP Session: The Personality Development Program (PDP) sessions empowered individuals to build their character, leadership skills, and self-confidence.

Yoga Sessions: Our yoga sessions promoted physical and mental well-being, helping individuals find inner balance and harmony.

108 Surya Namaskar Challenge Triumphs: Participants triumphed in the 108 Surya Namaskar Challenge, a testament to their dedication and determination in pursuing wellness.

Blood Donation Camp in Hitech City: We organized a blood donation camp in Hitech City, underscoring the importance of saving lives through voluntary blood donations.

Free Homeopathy Medical Camps: Our ongoing mission of accessible healthcare continued with Free Homeopathy Medical Camps, providing natural healing solutions to those in need.

These initiatives reflect Manavata’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society and fostering a culture of selfless service.

Manavata Yoga session in Borabanda


“On October 3rd, a Manavata Yoga session took place in Borabanda. The children actively participated in this holistic yoga practice, which included Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, and Meditation, all done with devotion and concentration. It’s important to note that a crucial part of children’s development is their spiritual growth, in addition to maintaining a sound mind and body.

Srini ji guided the children in various mind techniques, and the teachers expressed their happiness and well-being after the yoga session. They mentioned that they’ve seen significant improvements in the children over the past four years, thanks to regular Manavata Yoga sessions at the school.

Together, let’s work towards bringing about a positive change and nurturing healthy and honest citizens in every child.

Best Regards,
The Manavata Team
[Contact Information:]

Manavata’s Transformative Camps

Empowering Tribal Villages with the Blessings of Lord Sri Rama in Bhadrachalam”

Manavata, guided by the divine blessings of Lord Sri Rama, embarked on a noble mission in the heart of Bhadrachalam. Their transformative camps are a beacon of hope for tribal villages, fostering positive change and empowerment. Join hands with Manavata as they bring light to these communities, proving that humanity’s greatest strength is its ability to uplift those in need.


“Free Homeopathic Medical Camp by Manavata in Alluri Seetharamaraju District, Ettapaka Mandal, Tatukulagudem Village.

Under the divine blessings of Lord Sri Rama, Manavata conducted a free homeopathic medical camp in the precincts of Mutyalamma Temple and Komaram Bhim Statue in Tatukulagudem, Alluri Seetharamaraju District. This camp was organized to provide relief to people suffering from various chronic illnesses.

The efficient management of this camp was overseen by Mr. Srinivas of Manavata, along with the skilled homeopathic practitioners, Mr. Rama Rao and Ms. Priyanka. They extended their services to those in need, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to the betterment of the tribal community.

The event was further supported by Mr. Borra Rajaravu, Mr. Borra Ravi, and Anjali, along with the assistance of local community leaders, making it a collaborative effort. The agency’s dedicated volunteers, including Kannaraju of Adiwasi Tegala Samanvaya Kartha, and Raju from Swayam Patra Patrika, played a significant role in making this event a success.

Approximately 100 people from Tatukulagudem were fortunate to receive healthcare services during this noble initiative, and Manavata is planning to conduct more such programs in the future. As part of their commitment to the community, they are also working on introducing cultural education in the village’s primary school, alongside health and yoga programs, aimed at improving the overall well-being of the residents.”

PDP in Rampachodavaram

A Personality Development program at Gurukul School in Rampachodavaram left a lasting impact on approximately 450 children and teachers who attended. Srini’s inspiring talk was the highlight of the event, with the Vice Principal noting that every word of Srini’s speech resonated strongly with the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. This historical occasion marked the first time in the school’s history that children experienced such profound inspiration.

During Srini’s speech, the children maintained complete silence, and it was evident that they absorbed a wealth of valuable lessons. The Vice Principal expressed great optimism that, fueled by this newfound inspiration, the attendees would evolve into outstanding leaders and honest citizens dedicated to their country. The participants gleaned invaluable insights and life lessons, which will undoubtedly contribute to the shaping of their character.

In a remarkable collaboration, the Sandhata team of software engineers also joined this program, further enhancing its impact.

Kenya Volunteer Liz Brightens Manavata UFH”

“Liz, a dedicated volunteer from Kenya, recently visited Manavata UFH. During her visit, she met with the organization’s president to explore various collaboration opportunities. Dr. Ramlingareddy Garu, the lead foundation coordinator, also joined them. Together, they participated in group meditation and learned about natural organic farming practices.In Kenya, NGOs can enhance their impact through collaboration, such as networking, joining umbrella organizations, signing MOUs, forming consortiums, donor partnerships, public-private initiatives, cross-sector collaboration, research sharing, online engagement, capacity building, advocacy, strategic alliances, and exchange programs. Effective collaboration amplifies their ability to make a positive difference.

Liz’s visit brought joy and inspiration to all of us at Manavata UFH.”

Yoga Workshop at Amadabakula Kastriba School

“Manavata Yoga Workshop at Amadabakula Kastriba School: A Day of Yoga Bliss!

In a delightful yoga workshop hosted at Amadabakula Kastriba School, the renowned yoga instructor, Srini, shared his expertise in yoga techniques with eager students. The event was a resounding success, as participants not only learned valuable yoga skills but also actively engaged in invigorating yoga sessions. It was a day filled with wellness, serenity, and the spirit of yoga.”

Training for Viluvadibadi Teachers

promoting Social Responsibility and Human Values: Training for Viluvadibadi Teachers (40 Members from 30 Villages)As part of 3 days teacher’s training at Earth Centre (Kadthal), paid tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ji as his birth day celebrated as International Students day. A two-hour workshop was conducted for Viluvadibadi teachers, comprising 40 dedicated individuals from 30 different villages. The workshop was facilitated by Sri Srinivasa Alluri, under the leadership of Lenin Garu and his dedicated team from Ananthapram. The session led by Srini ji received an overwhelmingly positive response for its inspirational content. CGR founder Smt. Konda Laksma reddy garu and other eminent guest speakers presented.

During the workshop, Srini ji provided a comprehensive explanation of the importance of social responsibility and human values. He elucidated these concepts through a series of real-world examples and presented a step-by-step approach to integrating value education into the lives of students. Furthermore, Srini ji emphasized the significance of Manavata Samskra Vidya, outlining why this specific syllabus is essential for every student’s holistic development.At the conclusion of the workshop, Lenin and all the teachers made a heartfelt commitment to promote human values through practical means by first transforming themselves. Srini ji encouraged them to embody the principle of “practice before preach” and to create opportunities for students to actively participate in social responsibility initiatives.In addition, Srini ji shared his life mission for the betterment of humanity, encapsulated in the 3 H mission.

He urged every teacher to cultivate a personal vision and undertake inspirational work that students can emulate. The workshop emphasized the idea that teachers should lead by example, fostering social responsibility, and instilling human values in their students.In summary, this workshop not only provided valuable insights but also inspired the participating teachers to become torchbearers of social responsibility and human values. It marked the beginning of a journey where they would work to create a positive impact in their students’ lives, thus contributing to a better future for all.


"Celebrating Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: A Tribute to a Visionary"

“We’re excited to share that we’ve successfully paid our respects to the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India and a renowned scientist, at VNR VJIET in Bachupally, Hyderabad. Our college students and faculty organized this tribute to honor his remarkable life and accomplishments. The event included speeches, cultural performances, and a photo exhibition showcasing his journey. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took part and made this event truly memorable.”

Manavata Day Celebrations Shine at Manavata Ashram, Lolla

“Manavata Day Celebrations at Manavata Ashram in Lolla were a resounding success. The event featured a range of activities, including yoga competitions, essay writing, quizzes, and more, all thoughtfully organized for children.

During the event, the children were deeply inspired by the stories of 32 years of Manavata seva. Esteemed guests, including Phanikrishna Reddy garu, Munireddy garu, Sarpanch Janaki Rambabu garu, as well as teachers and doctors, graced the occasion with their presence. They shared their wisdom and experiences, leaving a lasting impact on the children.

The program also included a prize distribution to acknowledge and encourage the young talents. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and celebration, embodying the spirit of Manavata’s incredible service to humanity.”

"Manavata Day: Children at Manavata Ashram Shine in Service and Celebration 🌞"

“At Manavata Ashram, the spirit of service and celebration intertwine as the children come together to mark ‘Manavata Day.’ 🌞

With enthusiasm and dedication, they embarked on a journey of wellness by performing 108 Surya Namaskaras, infusing the atmosphere with energy and vitality.

But the celebrations didn’t stop there! The children also extended their love and care to the community through food distribution and various seva (service) activities. Their acts of kindness resonate with the core values of Manavata, fostering a culture of compassion, selflessness, and positive change.

These young souls exemplify the essence of ‘Manavata Day,’ reminding us all of the power of unity, selfless service, and the enduring light within us. 🙏🌟🍃”

Manavata Day: Celebrating Selfless Volunteers and Spreading Joy

“Wishing a Joyous Manavata Day to Our Dedicated Volunteers! 🌟

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the selfless volunteers who tirelessly engage in humanitarian activities across diverse regions and our beloved Manavata Study Centers.

On this special Manavata Day, our celebration took us to a heartwarming program at the children’s home in Borabanda. The kids experienced the joy of Yoga and indulged in stimulating mind games, creating smiles that lit up the room.

Together, we share in the spirit of giving, making the world a brighter and more compassionate place. Your dedication is a beacon of hope and inspiration to us all.

Happy Manavata Day! 🙏🌍💖

108 Surya Namaskar Challenge Triumphs!

“On the momentous occasion of Manavata’s 32nd Annual Day, we hosted an extraordinary Yogathon event that transcended physical boundaries, uniting participants both online and offline. 🌟

The Yogathon was an inspiring journey, where participants from diverse backgrounds came together to embrace the 108 Surya Namaskar & Yoga Asana challenge. The event was a testament to the strength of our collective spirit and the transformative power of yoga.

We’re delighted to announce that our dedicated participants not only completed the challenge with enthusiasm but also excelled in it, earning well-deserved prizes. This achievement stands as a symbol of their commitment to holistic well-being and their dedication to the principles of Manavata.

This event embodies the Manavata spirit—nurturing body, mind, and soul, and fostering unity and resilience. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants and express our gratitude to those who made this event a resounding success.

Here’s to a bright future filled with health, happiness, and countless more such inspiring journeys. 🙏🧘‍♂️🏆🌞


blood donation camp in Hightech city

Manavata blood donation camp in Hightech city successfully completed with the wonderful support from STPI and software empoyees of deferent companies around.

Volunteers Surya Prakash, Tulasi, Siva, Jyothi and others helped in organizing Manavata health / yoga awareness to all participants and lunch arrangements for NIMS blood bank staff.

viswa manavatha health camp on peddhapalla

“On February 9, 2023, the Viswa Manavatha Health Camp in Peddhapalli was a resounding success. From 8 AM to 12 PM, we were able to provide essential healthcare services to the community. During the camp, we attended to a total of 70 cases, which included 10 new cases and 60 old cases.

We’re committed to making a positive impact on the health and well-being of the people we serve, and this event was a step in the right direction. Thank you for your support and participation in our mission.

Best regards,
The Viswa Manavatha Team”

viswa manavata homeo camp held at biccavolu

“On April 10, 2023, the Viswa Manavata Homeo Camp was successfully conducted in Biccavolu. We are pleased to report that we were able to provide homeopathic healthcare to a total of 82 cases, including 15 new cases. The last case sheet number was 4814.

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of the community, and your support is instrumental in making these initiatives a success.

Best regards,
The Viswa Manavata Team”

Homeo medical camp at pedapalem

Date: 9/10/2023 Total Patients: 58

  • Old Cases: 49
  • New Cases: 9 Last Case Sheet No: 188

Medical Team:

  • Doctor: Dr. N. Rama Rao (9:40 AM to 4:00 PM)
  • Assistant: Durga Prasad (9:40 AM to 4:00 PM)
  • Volunteer: Sattibabu Raju (9:40 AM to 4:00 PM)

Thank you for your dedication and support. 🙏”

homeo medical camp at Medapadu village

“🙏 On October 8, 2023, in the picturesque village of Medapadu, nestled near the panchayat of Samarlakota Mandal, a remarkable event unfolded. Vishwa Manavatha Sanstha organized a free homeopathic medical camp right beside the serene Ramalayam.

🌹 The event was a resounding success, as the community came together to avail themselves of free homeopathic medical services. The healing touch of homeopathy brought hope and wellness to all who attended, leaving smiles and gratitude in its wake.💐 We extend our heartfelt thanks to Vishwa Manavatha Sanstha for their noble efforts in promoting health and well-being within our community. Together, we create a healthier and happier world. 🌍💕”

Homeo medical camp at Kothaperumallapuram

“Celebrating Universal Humanity Day on 13/10/2022 at Sri Kanakadurga Ammavari Temple in Kothaperumallapuram village, Tondangi Mandal. A successful free homeo medical camp was held, promoting wellness and unity in the community.”

Homeo Medical Camp in Tyajampudi village

“Universal Humanitarian Organization’s Free Homeo Medical Camp in Tyajampudi village, Madhyanam, occurs on the second Saturday of every month.

Today (14/10/2023): Total Patients: 51

  • Old Cases: 43
  • New Cases: 8 Last Case Sheet No: 298

Medical Team:

  • Doctor: Dr. N. Rama Rao (2:00 AM to 5:45 PM)
  • Assistant: Posi Prasanna (2:00 PM to 5:45 PM)
  • Volunteer: Respected Palli Ratnakar Reddy (2:00 PM to 5:45 PM)

Contact: 9966673111 /

Thank you for your valuable service. 🙏”

health center at Narsaraopeta

Manavata Health Center in Narsaraopeta held a Homeopathy medical camp on October 17, 2023, led by Dr. P. Trupathiamma (Dr. P. Lokanadh). They provided care to 67 patients, including 5 new patients and 62 old patients.

Free Medical Camp at S.Kota

Manavata hosted a Free Medical Camp at S.Kota Temple, where they served a total of 72 patients. This included 51 returning patients and 21 new registrations.

Free Homeo Vaidya Shibhiram in Machara

“Universal Humanity Organization’s Free Homeo Vaidya Shibhiram in Machara is here again, as always, on the third Friday of every month. Today, on the 20th of October 2023, we served a total of 129 patients, with 120 being old cases and 9 being new cases. The last case sheet number was 687.

Our dedicated team, led by Dr. N. Rama Rao garu, provided care from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. NV Srinivas garu and Vanisri extended their assistance during the same hours, and our volunteer Naveen was there throughout.

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all those who support and participate in our mission. 🙏”

Homeopathy medical camp at Pasalapudi

On October 27, 2023, at Pasalapudi’s Manavata Free Health Center, a Homeopathy Medical Camp was held under the supervision of Dr. P. Tirupatiamma (Dr. P. Lokanadh). The camp saw 94 patients, including 7 new patients (561 to 567) and 87 returning ones.

homeo medical camp at Kota Perumallapuram

On October 27, 2023, Vishwa Manavata organized a free Homeopathy Medical Camp at Sri Kanakadurgamma Temple in Kota Perumallapuram village, Tondangi Mandal. This event was made possible with the support of Saptagiri Hatcheries.

free health camp and yoga session at Lolla

Free Health & Homeopathy medical Service. Yoga therapy session & Meditation at Manavata Ashram Lolla
29/10/2023: Served 140 patients
Dr. RV Satyanarayana, Dr. Prakash and team

Volunteering Opportunities:

At Manavata, we believe that volunteering is a powerful way to contribute to society. We welcome individuals of all ages and backgrounds to join our diverse team of volunteers. Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to commit to a long-term engagement, there’s a role for you:

  • Teaching at our schools and mentoring students.
  • Assisting in healthcare camps and providing medical aid.
  • Participating in environmental initiatives and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Organizing fundraising events and awareness campaigns.
  • And much more!

To become a Manavata volunteer and make a meaningful impact, 

Get Involved:

You can be a part of Manavata’s journey in making a positive change. Join our team of volunteers, support our projects, or contribute your skills and expertise to help us create a better world for all.

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