Yogathon 2016 Hyderabad

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Dear Sir / Madam

Thank you for encouraging your school children to participate in Yogathon 2016.

It was very clear that the children have to learn basic common sense, discipline and cultivate responsibility.

Valuable talks and messages our Leaders who spoke in the in event:

Mr. Srinivasa Alluri, Founder President of  has given a practical session on Yoga and mind techniques to make their lives and education with excellence. He also given key tips of time management and personality development.

Dr. Ramachandrarao (Naturopathy) addressed children and given great tips for their regular health care, how naturally children can cure their problems and keep them fit.

Mr. Jayaraj (Praja Kavi) has spoken about how greatly human structure and nature has created and how we are wasting our valuable life for silly things

Health tips:

  • Drinking 1 litre water in the morning
  • Regular Yoga practice in the morning
  • Eating healthy / fresh food and avoid junk
  • Follow basic human values like honesty, non-violence, respecting all, serving parents, helping needy, saving nature
  • Away from tv and gadgets and utilize time for right things and right knowledge

Observations from the event:

  • Many children have to improve their activeness and strength
  • Many of them doesn’t know their basic responsibility and unable to focus / concentrate on what they are doing
  • Irresponsibly half of the children wasted food and they have thrown their food cups on the carpets made it as mess.

We recommend you to implement MAHE program which can complement to bring excellency in your children.

​Thanks & Regards


20th Feb (6am to 9am): JNTU grunds, Hyderabad: 

Viswa Manavata Samstha has organized Yogathon 2016 in Hyderabad, JNTU grounds today. Around 600 students from different schools, colleges and professionals have participated in this 108 suryanamaskara competition. Manavata volunteers have made necessary arrangements for all participants and made this event successful with a great team work. Some students are able to complete 108 suryanamaskaralanu, but many students are unable to perform this properly due to lack of practice and weakness. Srini has given practice to children in this event for whole 108 suryanamaskaras, later with yoganidra, meditation and self-study.aswasanchalanasana.jpgToday’s Yogathon inspired many students. But to make real change it needs lot of commitment from schools and parents also to make all these children responsible human beings. At present neither parents nor teachers able to guide them in right direction. They need to have a real example and role model in front of them to copy. Children also need proper training and regular practice to make themselves healthy physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.  108 Suryanamakara competition held for different age groups. Winners in all age categories have got medals and personality development books set. All participants have got good inspiration. Manavata volunteers have provided them healthy breakfast (freshly prepared with Manavata’s natural farming ingredients) and personality development talks by Srinivasa Alluri, Founder President of Manavata, Dr. KV. Ramachandra rao (Naturopathy, humanitarian) and Prajakavi Jayaraj.parvathasanGroup.jpgSrini has emphasized on how to live simple, responsible, honest and healthy in day to day life. He has given good concentration tips for students and asked them to be more practical. Current generation becoming weak and unhealthy day by day due to ignorance, wrong practices and laziness. He said, it is our responsibility to spread right practices time to time to make everyone Healthy, Happy and Harmonious! Manavata invites you to join this and inspire all!​DhyanaGroup.jpg Winners:

Sl No Winner Name Age Group Place
1 C Sravya 12 1st
2 T Lumika 12 2nd
3 Sanjana 12 3rd
4 M Ganesh 13 1st
5 Venkatesh 13 2nd
6 Kiran Kumar 13 3rd
7 Praveen 14 1st
8 Nikhita 14 2nd
9 Sridhar 14 3rd
10 Veera 24 1st
11 Pooja 22 2nd
12 Swathi 20 3rd

​​ yogathon120Flier_LatestV4.jpg

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