Yogathon Competition at Pebbair High School

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On the Fifth of November 2018 Alluri Srinivasa conducted Yoga-thon 108 Suryanamaskaralu  competition at Pebbair high school.

They started with prayer after Srini gave valuable and motivational speech on yoga. The aim of the competition is to perform 108 suryanamaskaralu to best of your ability as the music gets increasingly faster as time passes, those who perform with the best form, timing, and precision get the opportunity to compete in the final. All the students got involved and tried to the best of their ability but soon enough, some students out-performed the others. By the end of all 108 suryanamaskaralu, 12 students had been chosen out of the 200. Nevertheless, all the students put in their best efforts and have been inspired to work even harder for the next competition, and they should all be proud of themselves for taking part, which is what counts more than anything else.


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