Help your Community SAFELY

Manavata Helpline: +91 99666 73480 or +91 99666 73111

To keep our world safe, Manavata calls on all individuals and groups to work together. With your help, Manavata is working to protect our community by strengthening our human-care system.

Medical Emergency

Virual OP Helpline - Over 20+ Doctors available on Phone / Whatsapp Service to help people at no cost. Call for any Medical Emergency.

Yoga for Immunity

Join 300+ Families from around the world participating in the Yoga Deeksha Online. We work to improve our immunity by yoga. Join us now.

COVID 19 Relief Fund

During this time the people are in need of your help. Please Donate generously or Voluntter to support our cause. Let us help keep people safe and healthy.

Universal Peace Meditation

Daily 8pm to 8:15pm at your local time. meditate for universal peace, pass on your love to all beings to save the world. Pray to cure those who are suffering.

India (GOVT.)

Helpline Number: 1075 or +91-11-23978046



Helpline: +91 99666 73480 or +91 99666 73111


An Update on the Covid Pandemic Situation

Hope you are all taking care and staying safe at home. Please make sure you join our daily Yoga for Immunity sessions to protect yourself and family.

To give you a quick updates, as a matter of urgency in this COVID pandemic situation.

we have initiated following services to help in this situation:

  1. Food for Needy & Emergency Relief for Daily Labour in Slums
  2. Virtual OP: Tele-Medical and Health Consultation
  3. Yoga for Immunity: Online
  4. 41 Days Dheeksha & Universal Peace Meditation to Unite all for cause!
  5. Awareness and Campaigns

Thank you for your timely support. there are many voluntary works, which you can work from home. We appreciate your time. Please contact me if you would like to take part in seva.

Please contact on to get involed or support us.